Tuesday  to Friday
11:30am to 2:30pm


Pork chicharron  $11

Rice, fried pork, Rocoto & Criolla sauce  


Creamy Chicken  $11

Rice, Creamy shredded chicken, peas, parsley, Aceituna sauce

Cilantro Beef  $12

Short beef cilantro stew, beans  


Vegan  $10

Quinoa, peas, avocado, parsley, corn, rocoto dressing


Fish Escabeche  $12

Fried Fish, pickle onion sauce, boiled egg  


Quinoa substitute  $2


Chicharron de Chancho  $13

Fried Pork, rocoto & criolla sauce


Pescado Frito Escabechado  $14

Fried Fish, pickle onion sauce, boiled egg

Pollo con Mayonesa  $10

Peruvian chicken salad style

Lomo Saltado  $16    

Beef sautee, onion, tomato, fries  


Pollo Saltado  $13

Chicken sautee, onion, tomato, fries


Includes fries or salad


Starter + Entree + Beverage


Choice of one

House Cup Soup

 Peruvian cilantro chicken soup

Papaitas a la Huancaina 

Boiled potatoes, creamy yellow chili cheese sauce

House Salad 

Peruvian style, house vinaigrette

Ceviche de Pescado 

Peruvian famous fish ceviche

Beef / Chicken / Corn Empanada 

Peruvian deep-fried pastry


Choice of one

Beef (add $1) or Chicken Lomo Saltado 

Sautee, onion, tomato, fries, rice

Aji de Gallina 

Creamy shredded chicken, boiled potatoes, rice

Pork or Chicken Arroz Chaufa 

Peruvian Fried rice

Arroz con Pollo  

Chicken cilantro rice

Escabeche de Pescado 

Fried fish, pickles onion sauce, rice, boiled

egg, olive

Seco de Carne 

Short beef cilantro stew, beans, rice

Chicken or Mushroom Tallarin Saltado 

Peruvian chow mein


Choice of one 

Chicha Morada (No refill) 

Peruvian purple corn juice

Guanabana (No refill)

 Peruvian soursop juice

Maracuya-Passion Fruit (No refill)

 Peruvian passionfruit juice

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