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            Established in 2016 in the heart of the Central Valley in Fresno, by Chef Mauricio Arizola and his wife Lilian Arizola. Señor Ají was creatively designed from scratch, where 'señor' means mister and 'Ají' (pronounced “ah-hee”) a reference to the Peruvian yellow pepper “ají amarillo” (which technically is mislabeled because it’s orange), this chili in particular is the base of many Peruvian dishes.


            The Arizola's had long imagined opening Señor Ají. Mauricio as a petroleum engineer loves to cook, having grown up with his mom’s home cooking, and Lilian had studied hospitality management. Chef Mauricio loves to cook and they received a lot of complements from their friends to open a restaurant every time when they tried his dishes.

           Señor Ají works from the presentation of the plates to the logistics of handling a hot and cold kitchen. Chef Mauricio's food is known for the dedication and one-of-a-kind taste that you will experience with every plate as you indulge into your own delightful pleasure bite after bite. Since we only use the freshest ingredients available as well as helping our local farmers, product providers and ingredients brought from Peru, our plates are accessible to every type of food enthusiast, vegetarian, meat and fish lovers alike!


          We opened Señor Ají with the dream of presenting the wide diversity and fusion of Peruvian food, using the best and most authentic ingredients, in a modern presentation.

          Peruvian cuisine fuses many different ethnicities, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and African, and is increasingly being recognized as world class.

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